1. Things Fall Apart
    Columbus, Ohio
  2. Skull Kid
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  3. Gottem
    New York, New York
  4. Annakarina
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. vowel
    Columbus, Ohio
  6. Roanoke
    Rockford, Illinois
  7. Little Tyrant
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. Treehouses
    Perth, Australia
  9. Bogsey and the Argonauts
    San Diego, California
  10. Blood Orphans
    Eureka, California
  11. All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There
    San Diego, California
  12. Naturally the foundation will bear your expenses
    Omaha, Nebraska
  13. Sativa Cult
    New Paltz, New York
  14. I Kill Cameron
    Fresno, California
  15. Beds
    Sterling, Virginia
  16. Flowers Taped to Pens
    San Diego, California
  17. Panucci's Pizza
  18. Human Kitten
    Ocean City, Maryland
  19. Meryl Streaker
    San Diego, California


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